Energetic devices to increase your pranic energy.

What is a Metayantra device?

It is an energetic device created mainly with quartz, resin and metal.

What are they for?

They transmute the negative energy of any frequency into positive energy, transforming the cations of the atmosphere into anions, creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony, helping all the biological functions of the physical body and the energetic functions of the other 6 subtle bodies.

How do they work?

Positively charged atoms are attracted to the device due to the electrostatic properties of the resin, once bonded they are attracted to the metal which is an electrical conductor and once attracted to the metal they activate and multiply the energetic and healing properties of quartz. The quartz when pressed by the resin emits an electric current that makes it vibrate constantly firing electromagnetic waves in a toroidal spherical field.

The antenna built with copper wire is designed with a fractal geometric characteristic that copies the radiation pattern of the quartz, orders it, harmonizes and multiplies it. All this mechanism converts quartz into a dimensional vortex that transforms the surrounding electromagnetism into quantum spirals.

How can you use it?

Their uses are unlimited, here are some examples: 

The device can be used in the form of a pendant close to the heart because it helps the fractality of the electromagnetic field of that organ, facilitating the process of personal and collective ascension. It improves the electrical communication of the nervous system and helps the activation, regulation and balance of the endocrine system including the pineal gland. It improves all cellular processes by harmonizing the fractality of the DNA molecule.


It can be used to modify, amplify and harmonize the molecular composition of water by placing the device under the water container and letting it rest for 15 minutes. The fractal field and quantum spirals modify the molecular structure of the liquid due to the harmonic induction process generated by the device. Helping the organism in all its biological functions.

Who created it?

The Pranic Devices were already widely used by the Atlantis civilization, before the global cataclysm more than 10,000 years ago ac, its construction and use was kept through the centuries in a hidden way by secret societies and it is the famous Kabbalist Franz Bardon near the year 1930 who manages to release certain information on the matter calling them catalysts of Akashica energy. Shortly after the scientist Wilhelm Reich discovers the orgonic energy known as prana, ki or chi by ancient civilizations, and who dies in prison, being harassed by the published results of his research work which is destroyed by the U.S. government for reasons of national security. Later the American citizen Don Croft manages to create a simple device based on resin, quartz and metal calling it orgonite. 

In 2010 Ivan Donalson redesigned this orgonite and in collaboration with Miguel Garcia achieved the effective and harmonic combination of the components, calling him Metayantra and reaching from the first tests the approval and collaboration of Dr. Patric Flanagan. 

The Metayantra design is so, the result of a long process of creativity and research, derived from the experience and integration of the theories developed by Brandon, Reich, Croft, Tesla (to name a few) and that in cooperation with Dr Flanagan led us finely to achieve the effective and harmonious combination of the components of our design.


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