How to program your MPD*?



Near the heart

  • You can use the device as a pendant near the heart because it helps structure the geometry of the water molecule; blood pumps through the heart, while at the same time harmonizing the heart’s electromagnetic field. This is important because the heart generates the LARGEST MAGNETIC FIELD within our body, facilitating the process of personal and collective ascension.


  • It can be used to modify, amplify and harmonize water by placing the device under a container of water for approximately 5 to 15 minutes. Fractal and quantum field spirals begin to modify the molecular structure of the liquid due to the harmonic induction process generated by the device; Helping the organism in all its biological functions.

Unlimited Uses

Pranic devices have unlimited uses. Each piece contains different crystals, geometry and metals that shape the reality around the device in different ways. As powerful as the intention we walk with determines how powerful the manifestations of that intention become. By wearing these pieces, we are given very special energies that occur naturally and aid our abilities to create and manifest. There are infinite ways to use each device, just as there are an infinite number of intentions and possibilities.


The KEY to program your device is the VISUALIZATION and CONFIGURATION OF INTENTION

Beyond words: use pure feeling without thoughts.

We filter all our reality through words using a brain that can only function at small percent of its capacity. Words do not come close to what feelings and emotions actually imprint on this dimension

Being Positive

The device can be programmed with any positive intention using the hidden telepathic language of emotion:

 Divinity РLove РPeace РProsperity РLove РAbundance РJoy РHarmony РBalance

When we program the devices, we use the hidden telepathic language of intention, emotion and feeling, without words. We turn words into powerful feelings, which amplify our intentions.

  • Find a space in nature where there isn’t much to do, where all you hear is the breeze, the birds, maybe the waters that flow … Take 10 minutes to breathe and quiet your mind. Repeat the words: Thank you, nothing, I love you, until, “thank you, nothing, I love you and I love you, everything is based on a single feeling, a divine expression of being pure, without words
  • Place the device on the left palm and place the right palm on the left palm, creating a bubble with the device in the middle.
  • You begin to visualize a pure white energy inside a sphere that emanates just above your head.
  • Feel it by pressing on the top of your head, until it begins to travel down through your right arm, into your left hand.
  • Feel it, visualize it as best you can. When you can visualize it and feel it, order the Device to cleanse itself completely (without words, only feelings) and print your intention with all the FORCE that your heart and mind could merge to create …

Feel how the device vibrates …

Once programmed, you can put it on your forehead and infuse your intuition with your powerful feeling infused. After that, hang it close to your heart so that your heart’s magnetic field can be connected to the energy programmed into the device.

Once programmed hang it close to your heart to improve its function. The quality of your results will depend on the strength of your intention at the time of programming the DPM.


As a Physical Help Device

Once the DPM is programmed to heal place it for 5 minutes in each chakra starting with the root chakra and ending with the upper chakra at the crown.

Energizing Water

Place a glass or bottle of water on top of the DPM for about 20 minutes, the water will be molecularly harmonized improving its purity and will be charged with pranica energy that will help you in all body functions visibly improving your health.

Eviction of entities

The vibratory rate of the DPM moves away gradually and in some cases instantaneously to the entities attached to the subtle bodies, this is because the DPM close and harmonize the auric field. By closing the energetic holes within the field the entities are dislodged.


In the case of some astral adhesion of disincarnated entities caused by karmatics or witchcraft the eviction will be gradual and accurate, it is recommended to use the DPM for long periods of time, with 168 hours (1 week) of continuous exposure to the DPM frequencies any entity is totally evicted. AS LONG AS THE DPM IS USED CONTINUOUSLY NO ENTITY CAN ADHERE TO THE ENERGY FIELD. In the case that the entity is very strong when it stops using the DPM for more than 72 hours, the entity can return. To avoid this some deep spiritual cleansing therapy is recommended.